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ROOY is a Seattle-based footwear creation platform, established in 2014 that embraces creative freedom and the incredible outcome when it’s empowered into reality. We are dedicated in promoting pure originality through the resources that we have.

We’re grounded in decades of heritage and quality, with a reputation for crafting unmatched premium footwear. But that’s only half the picture. We crave a deeper connection. That’s why we partner with creatives who have unique stories to tell. It’s those stories that shape our present moment, make a lasting impact, and become pieces of our shared culture. Each product is completely exclusive, and every creative is purely original. This approach is important to us, because we believe your footwear is part of your personal journey. It’s an expression of who you are, who you’ll become, and where you’re going next.

We believe in the value and impact creative freedom can bring to our society. We’d like to take on the challenge and lead the way in shaping the landscape for the creatives to do what they do best.

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