Humans / Environments / Objects

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almanac is a highly structured footwear brand founded in the fall of 2015. The purpose of almanac is to create product solutions for each of the climates that humans inhabit.

We understand humans / We study environments / We supply objects

“Cameron Becarrio’s Earth Project was one of the initial pieces that inspired almanac.”

“Image of early work in 3D to create the Concrete Low and High where we created a footwear last out of concrete.”

“Satellite images from Digital Globe illustrating all of the Climates that almanac has identified from product categories. These images also help to define the color palette of each climate collection.”

Early 2D studies for the what would become the concrete silhouette.

“A look at the research process within almanac, we prefer to lead our design process with materials and construction experiments before sketching.”

COMING SOON almanac Concrete Low and High

Shoe Model description: We take the collaborative process with our designers very seriously. From prototyping and sampling to receiving the designer’s feedback, we want to make sure the production process runs smoothly for a flawless sneaker launch.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for the upcoming sneaker drop, available only at ROOY.

We Make Shoes, Together.