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Brooklyn Shoe Space

Nestled in one of New York City’s hip boroughs across from Manhattan sits Brooklyn Shoe Space, a collaborative shoemaking studio. Owned and operated by footwear aficionado Keiko Hirosue, the studio offers everything from educational programming and footwear prototyping to consultation work. The 2,000-sq.-ft. open space is fully equipped with heavy, secondhand machinery, a floor-to-ceiling wall filled with concrete and wooden shoe lasts, scraps of leather and smack dab in the center sits a sizable worktable fit for collaborative classes and workshops. “It’s become a community space and hub of shoemakers,” said Hirosue. Originally based in her home, the demand for her inventive workshops quickly outgrew and in 2011 she set up shop in the trendy Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, N.Y., and since its inception has developed a network of members.

About Keiko Hirosue

With over 12 years of footwear experience under her belt, it’s no surprise that Keiko Hirosue founded Brooklyn Shoe Space in 2011. Initially moving to the states to study art law, the Japanese transplant began her journey of shoemaking and became “hooked” after taking classes at top-tier fashion schools like Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design in New York. Since then, Hirosue continues to pursue her work with shoemakers and designers from around the world, providing empowerment through knowledge and collaboration.

About Mar Espanol

Creative Director of Brooklyn Shoe Space, and designer of the special project with ROOY

Mar Espanol

"I’m a member and Creative Director at Brooklyn Shoe Space. I maintain and curate our identity via branding, graphics, collaborations, and other miscellaneous projects. I studied fashion design, and worked in apparel. Designing at work was great but I missed making things with my hands. I first took a shoe making class with Keiko while I was working in corporate apparel design. Since that first class, I was hooked. It was easy. I love shoes, I love design and I love making things."

COMING SOON Brooklyn Shoe Space

For this design project, we came up with the theme to create a spring-summer sneaker. We wanted to create a design that is visibly handcrafted, to show that shoes are in fact made by hand for majority of the process, even if mass produced. We also want to incorporate natural materials that will become more beautiful with time, utilizing vegetal leathers and natural fibers. Organic, clean with an eye for details. — Mar Espanol, Designer

We take the collaborative process with our designers very seriously. From prototyping and sampling to receiving the designer’s feedback, we want to make sure the production process runs smoothly for a flawless sneaker launch.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for the upcoming sneaker drop, available only at ROOY.

We Make Shoes, Together.