Victor Hsu

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Founded in 2015 by New Yorker Victor Hsu, FACTO is a luxury sneaker brand inspired by Tsukumogami, a belief that objects develop their own spiritual essence overtime. Constructed in the same Italian factory where Lanvin and Jimmy Choo shoes are produced, the premium line of shoes are made with premium-grade leathers and Margom outsoles. Designed to reinterpret vintage classics with slight futuristic elements in the patterns, every pair is decked out with sophistication and timelessness.

The designer’s minimalist approach to footwear was inspired by the his time in Japan, specifically after meeting a bartender in Amakusa, a small town outside of Kumamoto, where he “witnessed a level of dedication to the pursuit of excellence in craft for something as simple as a mixed drink.” It was here his purpose to reach the pinnacle of excellence in his craft began and ultimately led Hsu to launch the FACTO brand. With its first collection launched in 2015 for the Fall/Winter season, the brand has received high praise from industry media publications including Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Complex and more. FACTO is available at distinguishable retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, KITH and Level Shoes.

About Victor Hsu

“I began designing shoes in New York in my mid 20s. Now, almost a decade later, I've discovered a shift in that which I seek intellectually, spiritually and subsequently from the material realm. I found that culture was becoming inundated with saccharine laden, instant gratification delights, mass produced and marketed to promote a commercial cycle of gross consumption, obsolescence and waste. While I may even occasionally indulge, I decided to invent something more substantial, more nourishing for the soul.

I traveled to Tuscany where I found a producer for many of the world’s most storied fashion houses. At this echelon of manufacturing, I considered the very concept of luxury. Is it meant to be an indicator of taste or wealth? Comfort or social status? Perhaps, but I wondered if it could be something more. In its highest form, why can’t luxury convey something as ethereal as spiritual status? Could the limitations of time itself be unlocked by thoughtful design and surpassing durability?

Living amidst Japan’s culture of unforgiving standards of service and quality, I confronted the premise that products made with quality at the core, inevitably possess a longer physical lifespan. It thus became an essential driving force behind the design, which meant the silhouettes, colors and materials used would have to transcend the cycles of trend, and defy the natural course of diminishing beauty and utility. Reinterpreting abstractions of vintage, currency and futurism became the purpose behind a product to evoke an appreciation that dares to endure years or even decades, and perhaps with age, becomes an object of even deeper affinity. In this spirit, I humbly offer FACTO.”

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