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The Designer Andrés Felipe Gil

Born in the city of Santiago de Cali in 1991, Colombian-based Andrés Felipe Gil is a lover of design. Gil analyzes trends in footwear designs from smaller, independent brands to major players in the industry, keeping tabs on new forms, shapes or materials for inspiration. Though Gil doesn’t follow any specific look, he looks for concepts and silhouette lines to create designs. X-Nion was inspired by the idea of exploring the possibilities, pushing the limits and innovation. Always seeking to improve his technical and design skills, his main quote to live by is, “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be,” by Paul Arden.

I design shoe keeping in mind to have jus the essentials-designs that are very honest, functional and light


We take the collaborative process with our designers very seriously. From prototyping and sampling to receiving the designer’s feedback, we want to make sure the production process runs smoothly for a flawless sneaker launch.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for the upcoming sneaker drop, available only at ROOY.

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