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Dominic Chambrone of The Shoe Surgeon

Arguably the most celebrated and acclaimed sneaker artist and creator in the industry, Dominic Chambrone has gained a cult following dedicated entirely to his craft of de– and reconstructing sneaker silhouettes.

Growing up in Northern California, the self-taught shoemaker’s proclivity for shoemaking originated from painting sneakers in high school that eventually led to a full-fledged career in customizing footwear and creating The Shoe Surgeon brand.

Chambrone’s straight-to-the-point, no-bullshit attitude is reflected through his hyper-customized sneakers and is really, a part of The Shoe Surgeon experience. “I design for myself. My audience is really anyone who respects my craft and can afford a pair,” says Chambrone. Any pair of sneakers that gets in the hands of The Shoe Surgeon becomes transformed into what we’d call the merging of a masterful mishmash; thoughtfully blended together to recreate fully customized kicks. Despite having celebrity figures like Justin Bieber among his clientele with a long list of frenzied sneakerheads ready and willing to pay fortunes for the Surgeon’s touch, Chambrone remains humble in his work and is seemingly unconvinced by fame.

Using top-shelf kitchen knives as part of his shoemaking tools and relying on his own life experiences, not one of Chambrone’s hand-crafted and custom shoes are identical, each pair and price unique to the client’s specs. And although his specialized work are priced higher than your average mass-produced sneakers, money isn’t what sways The Shoe Surgeon so much as it is the level of respect clients have for his craftsmanship. Devotees understand and appreciate his work for what it truly is: a piece of his own life he’s carved out onto a pair of sneakers.

Chambrone has been featured and covered for his work in Complex, HYPEBEAST, Highsnobiety, Sneaker Freaker, and more. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he also runs Surgeon Studios (S2), a private studio that offers shoemaking courses and a space for his hand crafted shoe designs.

Footwear is our vessel that grounds us to this earth.

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