Yukihero Pro-Wrestling

The clothes that make you a hero for somebody

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Yukihero Pro-Wrestling

Founded upon the elements of heroism with a play on pop culture, sport, and a strong fighter’s persona, the Yukihero Pro-Wrestling brand is loud. Launched in 2012 by Japanese designer Yukihiro Teshima, the apparel brand consistently pushes the boundaries of contemporary men and womenswear interlacing the spirit of luche libre—a form of professional wrestling originating from Mexico and translates to “free fighting"—with bold kaleidoscopic patterns printed on boxy silhouettes. At the core of his designs, every piece from his collection proves to be a tangible reality of Teshima’s wildest imaginations and childhood dreams of becoming a pro-wrestler. Masterfully strewn together—in material, ideas, and theme—each of the label’s avant-garde pieces are as visually stimulating as it is wearable on and off the runways.

I opted to express the passion I have for my heros through fashion.

About Yukihiro Teshima

Dubbed as “the Marc Jacobs” of Japan, Yukihiro Teshima is a Japanese fashion designer known for his thematic and festive apparel brand, Yukihero Pro-Wrestling. He founded the brand in 2012 while working as an independent stylist, and although the young designer is more commonly recognized as a stylist than designer, 29-year-old Teshima continues to woo a loyal audience with his experimental and flamboyant style. "I’ve always been transfixed with pro-wrestling as a child. I enjoyed watching the way wrestlers were able to express their vigor and strength through their range of motions, physique and grand entrances,” he said. “Unfortunately I was too small to become a pro wrestler so instead I opted to express the passion I have for my heros through fashion."

His fierce devotion to his brand image and message has the caught attention of Japan’s most influential creatives in the industry, receiving accolades from major media publications including WWD, Business of Fashion, The Japan Times, and more. In 2012 and 2015, he was elected as Tokyo's New Designer Fashion Grand Prix Professional. Studying fashion design at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Teshima has designed costumes for theatre, popular Japanese idol groups, and professional wrestlers.

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