Running Man Racer

by Raka Gemma Maulid • 25 Apr, 2015


The Running Man show is famous through out asia, europe and even in the United States. The show has fans through out the
continent. The goal that I intend on the design of this shoe is that it can be use by the Running Man casts, it can perform really well
and give them the performance, the style.
As for the fans, the shoe will give them the design, details and the story that they can experience and relate.



Design a shoe that can meet the performance needed in the Running Man activities.
Give more attention on the design story so the user can relate and experience it

#runningman #footweardesign #designconcept #designprocess #industrialdesign

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César Júnior
César Júnior 09 Oct, 2016
Really Nice!
Samantha Lie
Samantha Lie 30 Oct, 2015
Wow this is great! Love it!
Jason Plepel
Jason Plepel 24 Jul, 2015
Sick concept!!
Raka Gemma Maulid
Raka Gemma Maulid 18 Jun, 2015
Thank you everyone for your kind word and support ^^
ester putrynila
ester putrynila 14 May, 2015
Abie Darbawinata
Abie Darbawinata 08 May, 2015
Zahra Azida
Zahra Azida 08 May, 2015
Devicca Atmadja
Devicca Atmadja 05 May, 2015
3 more days isn't it?wuwuww!good luck!!! Hope you'll be the winner..amiiiin!
Fakhri Anindita
Fakhri Anindita 05 May, 2015
Bukan main ah Mas Raka...Anda memang luar biasa...aing kursus ah
Fahmi Aminnullah
Fahmi Aminnullah 05 May, 2015
Keren euy!! alus pisan & sangat profesional. Selamat ya Raka anda juaranya.. :)
Grace Sahertian
Grace Sahertian 05 May, 2015
Dope! Good luck Raka!
Fajar Nugraha
Fajar Nugraha 04 May, 2015
si kat mee reeng!!!
Raka Gemma Maulid
Raka Gemma Maulid 04 May, 2015
thank you everyone! it's been an honor to receive this kind of support and appreciation from all of you. I've been a fan of the show since 2011. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to design a shoe for the RM casts and the fan. I hope my expertise and experience as a designer also a Running Man fan can be an advantage to design an awesome product that represent the Running Man casts, the fan and also other user/audience, a future Running Man Fan
Erisa Noviati
Erisa Noviati 04 May, 2015
Dominique Virgil
Dominique Virgil 03 May, 2015
The best!
Hazwani Harif
Hazwani Harif 30 Apr, 2015
wow i envy you..i don't even know how to use good luck! im sure you will be one of the winners!
Ahmad Madani
Ahmad Madani 30 Apr, 2015
I admit it.. This is better than my design.. You're truly a shoe designer.. Nice presentation here.. Really inspire me.. Hope you win, man.. :)
Jessica Lie
Jessica Lie 29 Apr, 2015
Vote..!! *sebel ga bisa vote. Katanya ud tutup vote* Hope you win with this geart design!!!
Yudhidya Sambas
Yudhidya Sambas 29 Apr, 2015
Raka, juara!
Ilham Habibie
Ilham Habibie 29 Apr, 2015
good luck coy!
Eric Baroroh
Eric Baroroh 29 Apr, 2015
Kece banget suka kombinasi warnanya
Dulce Negrete
Dulce Negrete 29 Apr, 2015
I like it, but it would be better if it had more from running man and not just the logo, which needs to be more iconic; i love the colors for song ji hyo!, y think jae suk should be more greenish :3
Angga Wirastomo
Angga Wirastomo 28 Apr, 2015
great design!! People should vote for this shoes, not only because he's my friend, but also because it's the best among others!!
Weng Qiang Lee
Weng Qiang Lee 28 Apr, 2015
Great design!
Jenny Lwea
Jenny Lwea 28 Apr, 2015
The best one i've seen so far! Other people got more votes because their friends are helping them..and its unfair. Hope you win!!
Agmsr Agmsr
Agmsr Agmsr 28 Apr, 2015
the best lo ka!, menang!
Dulce Negrete
Dulce Negrete 27 Apr, 2015
This is really professional, no way we can win xD
Nil Pherci
Nil Pherci 27 Apr, 2015
Wow, this looks sick! Although I wonder if the logo emblem should be more prominent on the sides of the sneakers? Like in a different color to make it stand out more. But really, the color choices are awesome, hope you win!
Maria Irawati
Maria Irawati 27 Apr, 2015
Kemal Ramadana
Kemal Ramadana 27 Apr, 2015
Gegi Primanata Bachtiar
Gegi Primanata Bachtiar 27 Apr, 2015
Racka for the next running man star!
Adhi Kurniawan
Adhi Kurniawan 27 Apr, 2015
Juara Umum!
Yosse Seyo
Yosse Seyo 27 Apr, 2015
good presentation, deep research and well've done a great job Raka!
freddy thomas
freddy thomas 27 Apr, 2015
Good luck
chris dixon
chris dixon 26 Apr, 2015
winning design! Great story and presentation.
chang bin Jeong
chang bin Jeong 26 Apr, 2015
Wow very good design!! You're genious
Johanne Johanne
Johanne Johanne 26 Apr, 2015
oymgod, this is a whole another level, how can we compete with that! nice work!
Fitriantie Daiva
Fitriantie Daiva 26 Apr, 2015
Shanty Hadi
Shanty Hadi 26 Apr, 2015
Done gemma! Goodluck ya bro...
Dea Alfindani
Dea Alfindani 26 Apr, 2015
AWESOME! DAEBAK! Great Idea and Design. Hope you win this competition, and make Indonesia Proud!
Gotamy Sukaputri
Gotamy Sukaputri 26 Apr, 2015
Keren bgt!! Goodluck kak
Azma Afina
Azma Afina 26 Apr, 2015
Cocok bgt sama tiap karakternya! Keren!
Harist Harist
Harist Harist 26 Apr, 2015
Awesome pisan bro..good luck \m/
Siti Nuraisah
Siti Nuraisah 26 Apr, 2015
It's just too awesome
Aulia M. Firmundia
Aulia M. Firmundia 26 Apr, 2015
Andrey Tarigan
Andrey Tarigan 26 Apr, 2015
Awesome! I hope You win!
Intan Dwi Pangastuti
Intan Dwi Pangastuti 26 Apr, 2015
Riyan Raditya
Riyan Raditya 26 Apr, 2015
This is really cool. You've researched everything there. This must gonna their official running shoes, good luck~
Bubuk Rangginang
Bubuk Rangginang 26 Apr, 2015
wuasssemm ka :D
Amy Lidyasari
Amy Lidyasari 26 Apr, 2015
Awesome Gemma!
Mus St Mudo
Mus St Mudo 26 Apr, 2015
Ahmad Sidiq
Ahmad Sidiq 26 Apr, 2015
Amelia Rachim
Amelia Rachim 26 Apr, 2015
Machmoed Santoso
Machmoed Santoso 26 Apr, 2015
Robby Hartanto
Robby Hartanto 26 Apr, 2015
Great design!! I want one!! Nicely done raka
Kristanto Dwiyatcita
Kristanto Dwiyatcita 26 Apr, 2015
Migo Mariano
Migo Mariano 26 Apr, 2015
Great design and amazing presentation!
Development Team - Rooy
Development Team - Rooy 26 Apr, 2015
Th s is so great and professional. Wow