Running Man Slip On

by Tae Sub Kim • 29 Jul, 2016

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Aisha Sioux
Aisha Sioux 19 Aug, 2016
Lynn Burgess
Lynn Burgess 16 Aug, 2016
They all look amazing!!
Madison Park
Madison Park 12 Aug, 2016
Maybe for the colors it can be based on the superpower episode so 하하 would be yellow, 개리 would be blue, 송지효 would be purple, 이광수 would be black (on the black shoe it could be white)?
Levi Flaman
Levi Flaman 08 Aug, 2016
Is 김광수 supposed to be 이광수?
Graca McKenney
Graca McKenney 08 Aug, 2016
love it <3
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 06 Aug, 2016
I like black one!!!