by Tiffany Jiang • 31 Dec, 2015

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Luke McConnie
Luke McConnie 21 Jan, 2016
Wow this shoe is difficult to critique on sooooo many levels! but I will start by saying, If you want to invite honest and helpful feedback then you should start by showcasing your design / thought process. e.g where is the idea generation? what inspired the design? who is your ideal consumer? what are the materials? how might the outsole work? etc. You should also consider the construction of the shoe and how it could actually be manufactured in real life. On a more basic level just keep improving your sketching and developing your own style. Study your favourite designers and identify what you like about there work, this will give you a better insight on how to improve. 1 side view of a shoe just won't cut it in this industry!
Noah Whittle
Noah Whittle 21 Jan, 2016
very cool!!!
BaumChicka WowWow
BaumChicka WowWow 21 Jan, 2016
coolest shit ever
Nathan Duarte
Nathan Duarte 21 Jan, 2016
Absolutely sick design
Elena Gold
Elena Gold 21 Jan, 2016
Very cool design!!!
Eric Yun
Eric Yun 21 Jan, 2016
Best design I ever seen!
Tiffany Jiang
Tiffany Jiang 13 Jan, 2016
@sue - Hello! It's pretty fascinating that you think gender has to be brought into this, especially if we keep in mind that gender to begin with is entirely a social construct. Sure there is a divide between Men's and Women's shoes (I personally shop under both because why not? Sneakers in either "category" are still sneakers. If I like them, that's all I care about.) Guys and girls both wear Stan Smiths, Yeezys, Tubulars, etc. Not sure what the problem is there. And yes, I submitted this without annotations on material (although it's in the original sketch), support, etc but as a human-centered product designer who has been studying sneakers for quite a while now, I will definitely take those aspects into consideration and further develop them if selected to continue onwards!
Sue Kramer
Sue Kramer 12 Jan, 2016
shoe does NOT describe what gender can wear, how it is supposed to support the foot, or what products are used to construct the shoe itself. wish you really would have done more design. curious how it is so popular
Vivienne James
Vivienne James 11 Jan, 2016
Tiffany Jiang
Tiffany Jiang 10 Jan, 2016
!! thank you for all the support everyone !!
Nikhil Choudhary
Nikhil Choudhary 10 Jan, 2016
That was just. Wow.
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 09 Jan, 2016
These shoes gave me the power to get up out of bed every day and walk to school in the snow, uphill both ways. Bless
Caroline Hermans
Caroline Hermans 09 Jan, 2016
bought a pair for me and my dog now we match
Josh Baiad
Josh Baiad 09 Jan, 2016
These shoes made my meme game stronger
Faith Kaufman
Faith Kaufman 09 Jan, 2016
love the colors!
Laurence Putterman
Laurence Putterman 09 Jan, 2016
just thinking about this shoe was the most gratifying experience of my life
Mac n'Cheese
Mac n'Cheese 09 Jan, 2016
killin' it :-))))
Graham Arthur
Graham Arthur 09 Jan, 2016
Tiffany Jiang
Tiffany Jiang 09 Jan, 2016
:' ) bless all of you
Maneo Choudhury
Maneo Choudhury 09 Jan, 2016
love it!
Ji Tae Kim
Ji Tae Kim 09 Jan, 2016
Joe Rogers
Joe Rogers 09 Jan, 2016
Looks incredible!
Vanessa Su
Vanessa Su 09 Jan, 2016
Amazing design! c:
Toni James
Toni James 09 Jan, 2016
!!! Super shoes. They look comfy as well
Tiffany Jiang
Tiffany Jiang 09 Jan, 2016
you guys are all the real MVPs ^
Marcus Todd
Marcus Todd 09 Jan, 2016
b l e s s
Gerard D'Albon
Gerard D'Albon 09 Jan, 2016
i used to be a paraplegic before liking these shoes
Aley Longo
Aley Longo 09 Jan, 2016
Benjamin Ma
Benjamin Ma 09 Jan, 2016
:) Awesome! Like the bottom!
Angela Zhuo
Angela Zhuo 09 Jan, 2016
Sang-Jin Lee
Sang-Jin Lee 09 Jan, 2016
saw this shoe and it brought my dead goldfish back to life 8/10 would like again